Bright Ideas: Going Greener with Electrification

Electrification means replacing fossil-fueled devices with electric technologies. Going electric and help reduce your environmental footprint while also improving your indoor environment and your operations.


Businesses have always aimed to be more productive. Now, there's a push to be more environmentally conscious. Here's a bright idea: Go electric and energize your operations at the same time.

Replacing carbon-based fuels like natural gas and propane with electric technologies would go a long way toward reducing the carbon footprint of your business. That stands to boost employee morale, attract customers and improve your image in the community.

But did you know that switching to electric technologies in your workplace can also power your people?

Electric equipment improves indoor environmental quality. Improved indoor environmental quality has been linked to improved productivity. Electric-powered equipment is quieter and stays cooler, both of which improve indoor air quality.

Electric technology is safer. Electric equipment and appliances are generally safer and free of carbon monoxide exhaust, reducing workplace injuries and accidents.

Going electric offers more precise control. Electric technologies offer better process control, too, with the ability to fine-tune settings for optimal performance and productivity.

Electric technology can reduce your energy costs. Electric technologies are also more efficient and rely on relatively stable electricity rates, as opposed to the fluctuating costs of fossil fuels. In some cases, this can reduce your energy spend significantly. With solar energy and storage, you can reduce your energy costs even more by optimizing your usage, reducing costly peak demand or time-of-use charges.

Switch to electric technologies for sustainability. Stay with them for the increased productivity.